Ex-Big Pharma Drug Safety Specialist turned Natural Nutrition Student

Before I go down the path of how this came to be, let me share two important things you need to know to maintain your health:

  • Limit unnecessary exposures to medications and chemicals (’cause sometimes you need them and they work great, and sometimes…not so much), and
  • Provide adequate nutrition to ensure our bodies have the energy, and vitamin & mineral co-factors necessary to maintain optimum health.

These two things are VERY important for you on your biochemical, cellular, tissue, organ, and whole-body levels.

And now back to my story:  🙂

Yup, I come from allopathic post-market drug research, and am entering the world of natural nutrition.

My change of perspective when it comes to healthcare was NOT from a single event that shattered my foundation of allopathic healthcare.

There was no miraculous healing that “enlightened” me towards natural health, nor was there a massive incident that happened between my employer and I that pushed me away from western medical healthcare.

Honestly, the change had come on very gradually and slowly.

And the change was NOT a 180 degree turn; but an opening up and a broadening of perspective that allowed me to see some merit in things I had previously dismissed.

No – I’m NOT against all meds/vaccines.  They’re not all bad.  I’ve seen them massively help lots of people.

Being in Drug Safety, I’ve also seen the side where they don’t work, or even harm people.

My belief is that they can be very helpful to lots of people, lots of the time.


They need to be taken more seriously.

They need to be respected for the damage they can do.

They need to be taken safely.

They CAN be taken more safely. 

They can be prescribed only when needed, and only when the benefits outweigh the risks.  Warnings and labelled uses should be followed more diligently (let’s stop off-label use, shall we?).  Patients should be made aware of the risks, and be provided information to help mitigate those risks (why not “prescribe” probiotics alongside those antibiotics?).

And when an adverse event does occur, it needs to be taken seriously, reported, and corroborated by that person’s healthcare professionals.

I also DON’T support the plethora of  unproven and/or unsafe holistic remedies like starvation ‘detoxes’ and ‘cleanses’, or Homeopathy.  Please bring forward your rigorous studies of their safety and effectiveness.

I see a huge and deep chasm between allopathic & holistic approaches to healthcare.

They both have their strengths.  And they both have their weaknesses.

My vision includes better health.

If proponents on both sides collaborate towards the end goal of better health.  I can see  a future of…better health.

“Any scientist or healthcare professional who dismisses information, regardless of its source, serves no one but his own ego.”

My (short) story:

My education includes a BSc degree in Biomedical Toxicology and an MSc degree in Nutrition and Toxicology.  After working for 12 years in big pharma and having two children, my husband and I decided to move half-way across Canada.  During the course of my career and pregnancies, I developed a keen interest in and a greater respect for a more holistic and natural approach to health.  Resigning from my career gave me the incentive to do what I’ve been wanting to do for several years.  That was to go back to school to complement my scientific education and experience by studying Natural Nutrition (I will graduate in 2015).

University taught me many of the physiological and biochemical processes that our bodies undergo to try to maintain balance and health.

I’m amazed at the amount of things our body is exposed to on a daily basis, that the body’s immune system and detoxification pathways can eliminate.  It’s amazing!

You do not, in fact, you should not try to live in a bubble of perfect cleanliness.

BUT, I still don’t believe that we should expose ourselves to anything and everything.

We should try to reduce unnecessary exposures.

And, we should take in as much nourishment and nutrition as possible!

I see scientific nutrition & health research proving that nature was right in a lot of ways.  Like the importance of gut bacteria.  While this was disregarded in the past, we are now learning how it can influence our moods, immune system, and even our weight.

LeesaKli Blog

In addition to blogging about Food & Nutrition, I may also throw in some information about Finances & Simplicity, The Environment, Family & Education, and Fun (AKA knitting).  That’s ’cause it’s my blog, and I may be inspired to share some other cool stuff with you.

You can also find me:

Twitter as “@LeesaKli”; and Pinterest as “Leesa Kli”, Instagram as “leesakli“, and Ravelry as “LeesaK”

Some of my influences are:

I read all comments on this blog, so feel free to use them to contact me.

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Leesa, Great Blog and pics!! I’m looking forward to future posts and links:)

  2. Leesa, I love your blog! Looking forward to learn more about your inspirational ideas….:)

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